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Business Card Printing - Setup is Easy

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Ordering business cards from Coolest Graphics is easy-peasy.  We can set them up for you.  However, some customers prefer to set up their own artwork, and in that case we offer you this easy 3 step tutorial to submitting print ready business card artwork.

Step 1:  Set your page layout to 3.5" x 2" - either landscape or portrait layout.  Your screen should look something like this:

Step 2 - setting up your artwork with proper margins and bleeds: Import or create your artwork within the boundaries of the page layout, leaving at least .125" around all edges for text or logos.  Some programs allow you to set up guides to help you keep your text and logos aligned.

If you have a background image or design, import or create your design, and extend any bleeds .125" beyond each edge of the page.

Step 3 - making a high res pdf: Most print shops, including Coolest Graphics prefer pdf files.  They have become the standard file format for submitting artwork.  The easiest and cheapest way to make a print ready pdf file is to obtain a free pdf print driver.  At Coolest Graphics, we prefer to use PrimoPDF.  You can download a free copy on their website. 

To make a pdf after installing the pdf print driver, simply follow the steps as if you were printing out the document on your physical printer.  Choose: File-Print and follow the steps, choosing "high resolution print" for best results, and save the pdf to your hard drive in your Documents folder.  Advanced users can change the page size, if you wish to eliminate the white space.  Choose Properties-Advanced-Paper Size-PostScript Custom Page Size-Edit Custom Page Size-Width: 3.75 Height: 2.25 (if landscape, flip if portrait.)

Now, e-mail your pdf file to Coolest Graphics for speedy printing services!

Coolest Graphics, printing in Kent since 1997, offers business cards, brochures, flyers, banners, signs, posters, Tshirts and many more printed products, all locally made here in Kent by a family owned business. Support your small family business. Call, Contact, or Email us today for personal customer service. Order business cards online, or call for an appointment.


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